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I Helped Some Friends Move

I was helping out these two guys I know, when it happened. They had to find a new apartment, and so they wanted me to loan them my pick up truck. It is an old thing that I use for the rare instances when I need it, mostly for pulling my aluminum john boat. At any rate we got done with the move with no issues and then we went to this pizza place. We were on the way out when I got into a traffic accident and now I think that I need a Sacramento chiropractors. Of course when it was over there was not that much outwardly wrong with me, aside from a few cuts and bruises. There is not an airbag in this old truck, it would likely have given my face a working over if it had. In fact we were still in the parking lot when the accident happened, I had just pulled out of my parking space and then this guy slammed into us going about forty miles an hour.

The police were there almost instantly, but they paid not attention to me. They were chasing the guy who hit us, for stealing the car that had hit us. When I looked up they were chasing him into the wooded area behind the pizza place. At any rate I knew right away that my back was hurting me and I knew that there was not too much that a doctor would be able to do about it. They can give you drugs, which is not going to solve any of the problems that you have. They can also do surgery and that is a lot more likely to give you more problems instead of less problems. So a chiropractor is really the only option that makes sense.